About this gal

Just in case anyone ever reads my blog…

Oh hi!  Welcome to my humble blog!  This is the cyber-place where I talk (almost invariably at great length) about whatever I bloody want.  If you find my ramblings interesting or funny, I hope you’ll return at some point to check out future stream-of-consciousness blather.

I’m a thirty-something Canadian gal.  I love dogs and jewelry and carbohydrates.  I’m not fond of exercise or green vegetables. I’ve got a Fine Arts BA that I basically only use for extra-curricular activities and side jobs and I’ve always worked fairly hum-drum administrative day jobs that bore the crap out of me within 6 months. Thankfully that’s not the case right now since for the last 7 months and the next 8 or so I have a wicked-cool contract job on a renewable energy construction project that is the highlight of my adult career to date. Where the wind* will take me next I do not know, but I think this may be the start of a new chapter for me, professionally, and I’m thrilled to be in it. (The * is a terrible renewable energy pun.  You’re welcome/I’m sorry.  I am soon-to-be divorced which is both a bummer and a triumph. More on that in a future blog post. I anticipate that one will be a weird combination of inspirational advice and self-flagellation.  Betcha can’t wait to read it…

I’ve always been a talker.  It’s pretty dangerous to let me get started though, because once I get going, who knows when I’ll find a place to sum it up.  My ex used to call my style of story-telling ‘Edith Bunkering’.  Now thankfully, I’m actually too young to remember All in the Family being on TV, but I have seen some reruns, so at least I know who Edith is…and while I might have the tendency to drag stories out endlessly, I have a much more pleasant speaking (and singing) voice than Edith and also considerately better fashion sense.  I don’t actually think I possess any item of clothing one might refer to as a ‘frock’ and based on my (albeit minimal) exposure to Edith, I would have to say that frocks are basically her staple wardrobe item.  If you asked my mother, who is actually old enough to remember All in the Family (although she absolutely never would have subjected herself to watching it – oh, the horror), I think she would likely term them ‘house frocks’.  Perhaps the current era’s bygone equivalent of ugly sweats.  (Not Lululemon people, think Giant Tiger).  Incidentally, I adore Giant Tiger…I’m totally not slagging the low-budget Canadian wunder-store.

(I’m not sure if you noticed, but that last paragraph is a textbook example of the ‘Edith Bunkering’ technique.)

Anyhoo…we’ll see how this blogging thing works out for me.  I have a solid history of starting hobby-like things with unbridled zest and then abandoning them once the shine wears off.  I ventured briefly into the twitterverse a few years ago: 10 tweets later and I was like ‘what is the point of this exactly?’  I mean who knows, I may return to twitter at some point in the foreseeable or rather distant future…but I honestly think it’s more likely to end up like the needlepoint I started up about a decade ago and then decided was more hassle than fun and stuffed into a Rubbermaid bin with the full intention of completing at some point in the future when I had the time and patience for it.  As it turns out, my patience is in frighteningly short supply and I just don’t fancy wasting any of it on some fucking needlepoint.

I started this blog in 2013 then took a healthy 2.5 year break (for various reasons) but I’ve been jonesing to get back to it for the past few months.  Something funny or interesting or exciting (or shitty) happens and I think ‘this would make a great blog post’. So I’m back.  Brace yourselves, people.

xo – thisgal




One thought on “About this gal

  1. Hello! Happened upon your blog this a.m. and just from the couple posts I’ve read I may have found a soul sister! 😉 Looking forward to reading more. My blog is kind of having an identity crisis right now (I just started it a couple months ago…post about once a week)…..I find myself wanting to alternate between humour and “therapeutic” writing that helps get rid of the stress / anxiety of a chronic illness….may need to start another blog….but I can barely find time for one….oh well, if you get the chance to check it out, please do……I am leaning more and more towards humour to heal. 😉

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