I’m jumpin’ on the bandwagon…

bandwagon              …and I’m only about 10 years late!

My reasons for finally making an attempt at blogging aren’t particularly impressive, nor am I at all confident anyone will actually read my blog, but if nothing else, perhaps I’ll find writing it therapeutic. 

Basically, in a quest yesterday for information on a controversial news topic that had raised my curiosity I found myself reading a bunch of other people’s blogs and was horrified at both the quality and content.  It became sadly apparent that the ‘blogosphere’ (as I’ve heard it called) is full of not-so-intelligent opinions purporting to be facts. (Yuck!) 
(Note to other bloggers who aren’t assholes (and I’m sure there are plenty of you): Good for you! I’m joining your varied and interesting group and hoping my online presence, like yours, is an intelligent, mainly positive contribution to the world wide web and one which strives to combat all of the backwards, judgemental, unkind crap that seems to run rampant online today.)

I don’t claim to be an expert on…well…anything, really but I find myself full of thoughts and opinions I’d like to share with the world and this seems to be my best option for getting them out!

I also like to steer clear of getting too political on FB…that’s blown up in my face a couple of times and I quickly came to the conclusion that my social networking activities should be mainly…hmm…social, I guess. 

I don’t know how long I’ll stay or what I want to say yet but since I know me fairly well at this point in my life, I can guarantee a few things at least:
– I’ll try to say what I want to say without being so worried about what people think
– My potty-mouth will make occasional contributions
– My ridiculous internal spell check will be on high alert
– My ‘moderate to left’ leanings will likely play prominently
– I’ll be verbose (I’ve never been good at keeping my thoughts and stories short and sweet!  ME = short & sweet J …but my thoughts = notbloodylikely!)

So, as my pretty blue banner indicates…ready or not, here it comes!


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